Jun. 8, 2007


May 31st we had a special party for the kids at the orphanage- next day, June the 1st, was International Children’s Day.

Aurelija, one of our volunteers, became very good friends with Jolita, an orphan girl aged 14.
With the permission of the orphanage staff Aurelija takes her out of orphanage for a day or so to spend time together. Being a teacher at school she once even took Jolita to a trip along with students from her class.
This kind of friendship between volunteers & orphans is very important for the kids not having any sound guidance in their lives.
I am looking forward to witnessing more & more relationships like this as we build up our ties with the children at the orphanage.

On May 31st we bade ‘good bye’ as the orphans would spend the whole summer camping elsewhere. We will meet again only in September.

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