Jul. 10, 2007

Old Friends’ Home in May & June

There were many wonderful things we did in these two months: went to cinema, enjoyed a classical music concert, partied in a café, listened to a young boy’s piano & flute performance, danced, read poems, sang, celebrated birthdays, had diner together, read the Bible…

Beside to the mentioned on June 3rd we had huge amounts of second-hand clothing to hand out to our elderly. It was arranged by a catholic St. Vincent’s community.

Also we were giving food hand-outs (cereal, flour, sugar, vegetable oil, canned food stuffs, etc.) almost every meeting.

What gladdens my heart is to hear gratitude of our seniors every time. One of our elderly women said: “We’ve been coming to Old Friends Home for 5 years now. We truly feel like family.’ I myself come to realize the importance of a place to gather together for these elderly people. Most of them are in poverty; do not have close ties to society & experience loneliness at the sunset of their lives.

The seniors are not choosy; they thirst for mere attention & care. It’s truly wonderful to be able to approach them not simply with humanly consolation but primarily introduce divine hope available in God. I learnt a lesson of reaching out to them readily & sharing my convictions. & most of those I have talked to deeply respond positively. This is very inspiring for me to witness God’s help for the needy in flesh & soul. I do hope & pray that they say ‘yes’ to God’s calling.

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