Dec. 5, 2007

Food Bank

This year we had an annual Food Bank event on November 23rd - 24th. We were given a supermarket where our volunteers had leaflets to give out to the shoppers & invite them to buy food & donate it to us.
We managed to collect food worth some 2300 Lt (approx. 670 Euro). The food is going to be given out to the seniors.

Unfortunately, though we have our national economy growing rapidly for a successive year, but the gains of it are not shared equally by all. Those dependent on social system, especially the elderly, don’t see their income rise to at least keep pace with soaring prices for food & utilities (gas, electricity).
Because of this it is important for them to get some material support & the food collected comes in very useful.

Dec. 4, 2007

Old Friends’ Home September-November 2007

As always we had birthday parties, sang, danced, talked, gave comfort & were comforted, smiled & laughed together, read the Bible, enjoyed concerts, went to theatre…

Though it is nothing new & may outwardly seem a bit dull or of lesser significance but I do believe that inwardly it gave hope & encouragement needed. Words of gratitude & happy faces that I & all volunteers get every time bear witness to its importance.