Feb. 5, 2007

January 2007 report


This month we had a party for kids on 23 January. As always we played games, sports & did arts. This time as well as before we taught some new games.

It’s good that I do not have to always be heading the games: having to manage 40 plus Screaming kids makes my throat sore in a matter of minutes.. )

But it is not that the children are bored, they feel so liberated to be with us, instead of having a tight rule of teachers imposed on them. (though I am not implying in any way that they are mistreated by their teachers!) As a matter of fact, one teacher said that the kids seemed very keen & interested in playing with us as opposed to being offered to play without us.

Nonetheless, believe me it is a fantastic time being with the orphans. I have not ever heard any one come to volunteer at our events & go out unmoved & disappointed.

After the games & drawing there were some snacks. Also we give birthday presents to kids born in January.

As most probably you have already noticed we take photos virtually every time we go to the orphanage or organise a party for the seniors. & apart from sending some of them to you or keeping for ourselves, we make numerous copies to distribute to the children/kids: they are so hungry for them!

I feel very inspired after every event for seniors or orphans: my heart is filled with gratitude seeing others being unselfishly & sacrificially involved in the noble cause & evidencing the impact these times have on the children or seniors & hearing their appreciation.



The first month of this year was a theatre month for our seniors: we went to 2 performances in theatres & had 1 special performance by children. The elderly loved them all, especially one played by kids!

It is nice to see new people coming to our events. Now on average there’s about 55 seniors coming to our parties (less than half – to other events). & the volunteers’ attendance is on the rise as well: approx. 12 persons.

There’s still lots of food supplies left to be given away as food handouts. We distribute it to the seniors once a month.

Here’s our seniors’ event schedule for January:

  • January 7th – Seniors’ birthday party

  • January 13th – Outing to Russian Drama Theatre, play „Ana Karenina“

  • January 14th – Children’s musical theatre performance “Christmas night” + Seniors’ party

  • January 27th – Outing to National Drama Theatre, play „The Obedient woman“

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