Dec. 20, 2006

Santa visits the Orphans

There was a special atmosphere lingering in the air at the orphanage in the evening of December 19th. It was a Christmas party!

So not only did we play & have fun, but most importantly had a special long-awaited guest: Santa Clause arrived with gifts for the kids. The children were totally thrilled: they swarmed round Santa eagerly trying to win his attention & touch his red velvet cloak & white long beard. Each child got a meaningful gift from Santa: a tiny cactus decorated as a Santa Clause (with a red cap, beard, moustache fixed on it).

The Santa said: “This small plant is for each one of you to take care of; it is like your neighbor to tend for.” And added: “Should you pass this test successfully & after I come next year your cactus would be sound & well, you would be ready to take care of an even “bigger neighbor” - say, a dog puppy…”

Some of those orphans had not seen a Santa “live” before. No surprise they were so exited & happy!
Our Santa was played by a our volunterr from the local christian community. He was a very genuine Santa indeed! Except maybe for jeans he wore which caused some confusion among the little ones..

There were about 40 kids at the party.

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