Jan. 19, 2008

A look-back at the year 2007

There were many great events as well as very inspiring developments for us as a charity bringing together those who give & those who are in need of receiving during the last year.

2007 was definitely a year of growing volunteer involvement & devotion.
Especially notable were the last two events: Seniors’ Christmas & New Year parties.

Here’s the scene: the kitchen & the main meeting room are filled with volunteers buzzing around doing innumerable tasks to serve the seniors: packing the gifts, washing fruit, serving tables, making coffee & tea, cleaning, writing greeting cards, reading the Bible, giving out food hand-outs, making photos, shooting photos, doing dishes, talking with seniors… Everyone is busy for there are many things to do. But they are not stressed, no, volunteers are happy & smiling…

I am hard pressed to find proper words to express the feelings of contentment I experienced at these parties. We were united in serving the needy: not our self-interest but others’. Even one’s face begins to look different: shining with joy which overflows from the depths of your heart.

Here are main highlights of the year 2007:

· Changing hearts: volunteers- serving, seniors & orphans- gratitude
· Blood drive – launched this year; there were 3 events totally
· More content-rich events

· More seniors served
· More focus to meeting spiritual needs

· Growing ties between orphans & volunteers

Naturally, there were also things which were lacking: Need for Greater Seniors’ Self-Help, More Proactive, Less Self-Oriented Attitudes Promotion. These are going to be our focus areas for this year, among others.

We are enthusiastically stepping into 2008. Honestly, I can’t wait to see many other wonderful powerful changes take place in hearts & lives of our seni0rs at Old Friends’ Home & the Orphanage, as well as those around being positively influenced.

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