May 2, 2007

Helping the hopless

Natalija Selevic, formerly a professional dancer, now a poor lonely pensioner, has been coming to the Old Friends Home since its inception 5 years ago.

During last couple of years Natalija ran into big debts for utility services due to very small income. Subsequently all the debt administration was passed on to bailiffs who began deducting 50 % from her pension income every month to cover up the debts. This means she is left with a meager sum of 150 Litas (43 Euro) to scrape by for a month. Also, because of debt electricity supply was cut-off in her one-room dormitory- type flat.

A newspaper article about Old Friends’ Home & one of our seniors- Ms. Natalija Selevic (2004)
Poor Natalija suffers a lot emotionally because of her afflictions. Natalija does not have any relatives or friends to get help & support needed. & as she was absent from our club meetings for over a year without us knowing it due to worsened heart problems & long months in hospital we could not help earlier in the process.

Just a few months ago did she happen to show up at one of our parties. Having learned her difficult situation we began seeking ways to help. We went together with Natalija to bailiffs (there are two separate ones handling separate debts) to see what could be done, also to municipal social support centre.

Now she regularly receives food hand-outs from us. Furthermore, we agreed that she would be paid 50 Litas (14 Euro) each time she helps us serve other seniors during our parties. That is a more honorable & beneficial way of enabling her to feel important & useful & have money to pay out debts - “giving the fishing rod, not the fish.”

Furthermore, coming to our meetings she gets the emotional support so vital for her. More than that, it is only necessary to share the Good News of love & hope with Natalija.

It is great to be enabled to stretch out a helping hand to those in hopelessness.

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